About the KAZENERGY Youth Conference: Energy of the Generations (education, employment, confidence and diversity)  

Mission: to generate the flexibility, open-mindedness and readiness for large-scale changes of the audience. Participants will gain experience, inspiration from dialogue with experts and high-profile professionals.

Aim: to expand the issue of intergenerational characteristics through the prism of analysis of education, employment, confidence and diversity.


  • portraits analysis of different generations representatives: people born in a certain age period, in their ability to learn, work, trust each other;
  • discussion, understanding and acceptance of the theory of generational values;
  • discussion of Millennials' generational values: motivation, goal-setting and growth.

Participants: students, young professionals, members of World Petroleum Congress, participants – finalists of «STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE» intellectual team competition, international and domestic experts.

What awaits the participants at the conference:

  • Intellectual team competition «STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE». Finals & Awards Ceremony (2 October);
  • Exhibition of competition projects of «STUDENT ENERGY CHALLENGE» (2-3 October);
  • Closed session «XYZ» (for HR, PR, GR- specialists of oil and gas companies, 3 October);
  • Panel discussion: «Energy of the generations (education, employment, confidence and diversity)» with participation from international and domestic experts (3 October);

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